All About Bookshelves

Anytime I visit someone’s home I’m usually interested to find out how they display their books especially if I know that they’re a fellow reader.

Bookshelves say a lot more about the owner as do the books themselves. Some display them in ordinary square/ rectangular bookshelves in their sitting rooms, bedrooms where they place them in in the usual edge out style, others prefer to place their current reads on their bedside table and store the rest in boxes that are tucked away in storage but others well… Others have different ideas how to store their books until the next read.

Buying bookshelves can be an expensive affair but with a little homework you can come up with a few ideas that you can work on with your local carpenter or if you’re handy can do it yourself.

Here are a couple of ideas on how you can tastefully store your books until your next read.

  1. The Yin/ Yang bookshelf –   The Yin and Yang philosophy famous with the Chinese is used to represent the complementary and interconnected nature of the world.This can also be one of your bookshelf designs as this type of bookshelf is tasteful but simple. It’s sure to be a focal point In any room that it is placed in.

    Designer Eric Guiomar
    Designer Eric Guiomar
  1. The Quad bookshelf.

This design caters to all sizes of books very easily whether audio books, pocket sized books or coffee table books. It can have different colors in the different partitions so as to add a pop of color to your book collection.

Quad Bookshelf. Image from
Quad Bookshelf. Image from
  1. The Nautilus bookshelf

If you’re a math geek then you’re no stranger to the Nautilus(meaning Sailor in Greek) shell.The nautilus bookshelf is one of the most interesting shapes. It allows one to arrange books from the center outwards in size but also can be done to show growth as one reads easier books to more challenging books.

Nautilus Bookshelf from

Nautilus Bookshelf from
Nautilus Bookshelf from

4. Corner Wall Bookshelves.

Most of us use their walls to hang picture frames, mirrors or anything else but we could also use those corner walls to hang our books too if we created mid-wall bookshelves. They’re simple, add a new dimension to bookshelves because it’s a different design than what we are normally used to and we can keep the babies -especially crawling ones- off the books because they’re a bit higher than they can crawl to and place a book into their mouths.

li2liSo those are my 4 bookshelf designs. Feel free to try them out and let me know of any designs of your own you may have.


Live. Laugh. Love. Light.


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