How to care for Tiled floors

One integral part of a house is the floor so today we are going to talk about tiled floors.


Most homes have tiled floors which are a good investment since they’re durable and can last a lifetime if well cared for and preserved.There’s tons and tons of particulars about tiled floors but i thought we should talk about basic skills in caring for your tiled floors
How do we do that?
Tiled floors are known for their water resistance and easy cleaning so this should not be hard to do. You should be both proactive and reactive.
1. Sweep the floors to remove any dust or dirt before starting to clean.
2. Clean with a mild detergent and clean water. I know this sounds like common sense but the detergents we use may be corroding our floors and hence degrading their appearance and value in a short amount of time.
3. After cleaning, rinse area with clean water to remove any cleaning residue solution left behind.
4. React to spills immediately they occur. Do not let a spill stay longer than it should, it may change the color of your tile(s).

1. Have floor mats under heavy furniture to prevent the damage on tiled floors.
2. Replace broken tiles with new ones to prevent damage on the floors that’s open.
3. Place floor mats at the entrance to collect dirt,sand, oil etc from outside. Also on high traffic areas like corridors to reduce tile wear.


  1. Do not use cleaning materials that have any metal, it will harm the tiles

I hope these tips help you in cleaning your tiled floors and we can talk about the different tiles next time.


Frankie & Bren 🙂


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