How To Make Your Living Room Appear Larger

Hello lovelies. Hope you are well. I know I had disappeared last week but worry no more. I’m here.
I want us to talk today about small living rooms. We have all at one time in our lives lived in houses with smaller rooms and wish to make them appear larger especially the living rooms since we host our guests here. So here’s what to do to make your living room appear bigger.
1. Let there be light. If you have natural light in plenty I.e. big window(s) then you’re in luck because light helps a room look bigger than it naturally is. Open the curtains and let the light engulf the room.

Light (
Light (

2. White party! White and pale colors on the walls and floors make a room look and feel bigger than it is.

White party! (
White party! (

3. Neutral color palette. Use a neutral color pallets throughout the living room. This gives the eye an easy time to roam the room without feeling that it is cramped.

Light (
Neutral colors (

4. Mirror, mirror on the wall. Hang a large mirror in a focal point of the room . The mirror reflects light and achieves spacious illusion.

Mirrors (
Mirrors (

5. Small scale furniture.
It’s without a doubt that you cannot have large pieces of furniture because they will overpower the room if you wish to make it(room) appear larger. Pick pieces that do not dominate space e.g. arm less sofas, one piece seats or seats with legs since they give the illusion of space underneath them.

Light weight furniture (
Light weight furniture (

P.s: Still tinkering with the theme so bear with us.

Love,Frankie & Bren 🙂


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