How To Choose Great Wall Colors Easily

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So let’s talk colors, wall colors.

How do you know what’s going to look good on your walls without just trial and error shenanigans that sometimes happen with the painters.

Well, i found something you will absolutely fall in love with just as much as i did when i found it. The Crown Color Visualizer (check out their site — )

The Crown Visualizer enables one to pick the perfect shades for their room using the selected room provided or you can take a picture of your own room and upload the image to their Visualizer and work on it. This way you do not have to buy paints hoping for a certain outcome and getting a different one.

The Crown Color Visualizer also has Color Inspiration tab which has 3 sections; warm colors, cool colors and neutral colors. These different tabs have different room settings that show the outcome of different colors in each tab e.g. warm color tab and the color codes for every room setting that it comes as from Crown Paint giving you the much needed inspirations you will need in your quest for perfect walls.

It helps you choose the right color for your room and no stress at all. How cool is that?

  1. Upload a picture of your room or you could use one provided.
  2. Pick a color from the color visualizer Panel.I chose Red.


3. Select a shade from the Select shade column ( i chose signal red). Click on the wall you want to have the said color and the wall will change to your preferred color.


4. Go back to the Color Visualizer Panel and pick a color for your next wall. Then pick a shade. I picked Violet for color and Honolulu for shade. Click on the wall to be painted and the visualizer will do the rest.

room3P.s : You can also do your ceiling.

You do not have to do contrasting colors all the time you could pick one color and do different shades of it on your walls and even the ceiling


Here are a few more examples below



All in all, the Crown Paint Visualizer is a handy tool when it comes to getting your walls a fresh coat of paint.

Let me know how your color explorations go and also send me pictures, would love to see them at

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Frankie & Bren 🙂


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