5 Tips on How to Mix and Match your Throw Pillows

Hello Beautiful People,
Throw pillows are an easy way to liven up your sofa/ living room but getting it right sometimes seems like an uphill task.
But worry no more. Here are a few pointers on how to get it right and have your living room looking masterful and full of life.
1. One solid and one pattern. When using a combination of opposite and strong colors one needs to consider this design. One set of the throw pillows should be a solid color e.g. orange and the other set of another color should be in pattern e.g blue. You can also do same color but one solid, one pattern.This however needs a subtle background (seats) e.g. white/ cream.

Solid + Pattern
Solid + Pattern

2. Floral. Floral is easy to get together and here’s why. There are no 2florals that clash with each other. If they do then add another floral and another until they balance out. (PS: Don’t go crazy on the floral though. Just enough I.e. 3 or so should do)


3. Pattern + Pattern + Pattern /same color. You can always choose the same color for your throw pillows but have them in different patterns. This way you get to use as many patterns as possible without worrying about going overboard. Scale of patterns should matter though, the patterns should not be very big or very small, just lie in the middle.


4. Geometric + Geometric + Floral.
I know you’re wondering how would that even work? But it does. The key is to get one big geometric shape and one small geometric shape and then throw in a floral pattern and the balance will be seen. The colors have to compliment each other though.


5. Same pattern, different colors. Use throw pillows of same pattern but different colors to get your best mix. Easy!

Same color, Different Patterns(www.potterybarn.com)
Same color, Different Patterns(www.potterybarn.com)

So those are my 5 tips on how to mix and match your throw pillows.

So let me know how it goes when you do yours. I’m all ears and eyes.


Frankie & Bren 🙂


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  1. B says:

    Great! Now tell us where to get such lovely throw pillows.


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