6 Inspirational Interior Design Quotes to Get You Through

There are days you feel as an interior designer that you are stuck in a rut or even if you’re not a designer but you’re working on your house, you reach a point where you feel nothing is going exactly as you wanted it to and you begin to wonder, ‘Am I loosing my creative juices or am I not cut out for this?’. Well, worry no more and read on.

quote11)History is Your Friend – And here’s why? Someone once said that everything has been done before(I know, not everything) but what he meant was that we had a reference point when embarking on a project of any kind. Interior design didn’t start with the 21st Century, it’s been around longer than we can imagine and so don’t be afraid to look into history pages for inspiration; look, be inspired and maybe you can come up with something better than what was available.

quote22)Change is Good. I can tell for a fact that there are many times when we moved houses that I spent a week winning about the layout of my bedroom. Reason? I wanted the same layout as the house before. I wanted my bed to face the door as it’s always done, my bookshelf to be on the opposite side of the door and so forth. But where was the fun? Don’t replicate your former house, move furniture around, paint the walls a different color, get some new furniture if you can but Change.

3) Prep! Here’s the thing, you might have seen it on some shows that made you believe design is easy. You wake up, pick fabrics, rugs, furniture etc and buy it, get the house decorated and get paid! Wrong. Decorating a space needs prepping, you need to read up, look at great interior design blogs to give you an inspiration, look at floor plans and discuss with your client every step of the way so let no one tell you you don’t need to prep and don’t feel like a failure when you don’t get it at the top of your head. The best read and prepped a lot of hours before doing what they must hence being able to do it effortlessly now.

David Bromstad(www.huffingtonpost.com)
David Bromstad(www.huffingtonpost.com)

4) Smiles and Fantasies. A room should portray your fantasies and keep the eyes roaming without feeling overpowered. Think, easy on the eyes but exquisite.

quote35)No Boundaries! The thing with Design is that it flows into other aspects of design, in that you can learn about interior design from fashion design or web design or any other design. So don’t feel like you cannot look to maybe fashion design(which you absolutely love) to help you understand something you don’t e.g. Interior design and be inspired. Design is a mother with many children, and all those children share the same blood.

Carlos Miele (www.behomedesign.com)
Carlos Miele (www.behomedesign.com)

6)Last but not least – There are no Rules! Yes, I know you’re wondering why would this woman say such a thing when all she’s been doing is giving us rules in the form of tips. But here’s the thing, the purpose of rules is for you to learn them in order to break them gracefully and create your own style. So yes, No Rules!

quote4Have an Inspirational weekend šŸ™‚

Love Frankie & Bren


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  1. Zack C. says:

    Loved this. I got to think through some of the problems I had trying to rearrange stuff an the times I could leave stuff behind. Nice work on this.


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