Take A Seat

Hello lovelies.
Hope you are well.
I can’t begin to tell you how obsessed I am with great chairs; armchairs or otherwise.
Great chair designs have stood the test of time, being reinvented to only getting better so I thought I’d share some of my best chairs with you.


Club Chair (www.wayfair.com)

1) Club chair. It’s a roomy, cushy armchair with deep seats(upholstered). Was mostly associated with gentlemen clubs but actually comes from the French design studios.it’s mostly prefect for relaxing. Leather was the most preferred covering but nowadays some club chairs do have fabric.

2) Slipper chair – an arm less chair with seat closer to the ground than you’re used to. Is a petite design and perfect for small spaces. The slipper chair was originally used in ladies bedrooms for sitting in when slipping on their shoes but can now be mostly found in modern homes and some are wider than older slipper designs.

Slipper chair (www.westelm.com)

3) The wing back chair. It has a typical tall back and distinguished by side panels or “wings” on the back. It also has generous sitting allowance. It’s great for relaxing and the side panels are to rest your head in case you fall asleep.

Wing back Chair (www.1stdibs.com)

4) The Tub chair. Its a semi-circular,low backed mostly leather chair with arms forming a single upholstered piece. It’s comfortable.

The Tub Chair (www.tubdirect.co.uk)

5) The Bunny Chair. This design gives a nod to the animal kingdom for it’s inspiration. It has a playful and cheek feel to it. Comes  upholstered or not.

Bunny Chair (www.urbanliving.us)

Those are my 5 seat designs, Hope you can share some of yours with me on the comment section 🙂

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One Comment Add yours

  1. Zack C. says:

    These are some nice designs. I’m starting to learn a little something about design. Nice post!


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