How to Come up with a Great Floor Plan

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First time I saw floor plans, I couldn’t figure them out so to say but over time I have perfected the art.
A floor plan gives you a quick view of what the layout will look like and is really essential in designing a home and understanding what goes where thus it is an important tool in interior design.
Think about it this way, if you were building your own house you’d have to think about your usual routine from the minute you get home to your bedtime.
When you get through the door, do you take your shoes off there? If yes then you’d need space for a shoe rack. If you have a young child who’s crawling, then you’d need carpet floors to keep away the cold etc.


So what entails a great floor plan?
1. Size – Floor plans have a way of making spaces look larger on paper sometimes than they originally are. When planning a room think about its use and if the size to be accorded is appropriate. How many people are going to use that space is also key in deciding the size. A small dining area when you love dining with friends and family is not reasonable at all. Also remember that the house should be able to serve your family as it grows until your next home hopefully.
2. Priorities. What’s important to you and your family? If you love throwing parties, you should ensure you have a great entertaining space, if you love cooking then you should have an ample kitchen space. If the kids love playing video games means you might consider a game room for them away from grown ups who might want to do something different. This ensures that every family member’s considerations will be considered for their comfort.
3. Flexibility – Your rooms should be able to be versatile; a bedroom should be able to be turned to an office if need be, or a store for essentials. At the end of the day, let the floor plan give you space to grow and still meet your needs.
4. Safety first. More than anything else, safety comes first. The floor plans should not be in any way contrary to the family’s safety. Pools should have safety doors to keep children out, staircases should be steady.etc.
5. Choose a floor plan that you can afford. Truth is we want all these fancy stuff and in the end it costs us more than we can bear to afford. Stick to your budget, there is no shame is staying within your budget. You can have something nice within a budget. Look into other options that are affordable.
6. Location of rooms. What room goes where. You wouldn’t want your bedroom to be close to a noisy street, or your lounge to be obstructed by a building near so you hardly get sunlight in. This is something you should look into before you start building or otherwise your home won’t be as you envisioned it to be.

I hope these few tips help you in your quest to a great floor plan.

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    designer, or architect?


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