Types Of Lighting

Lighting is a powerful thing impacting how every room is used and the ambiance.
Certain types of lighting have a specific function depending on the use of a particular room.
Lighting function falls under 3 categories namely:
1) Ambient – this type of lighting illuminates a room comfortably without a glare. It’s considered as the “natural light” within a room. It’s best for living rooms, laundry rooms etc.

Ambient Lighting(www.home-designing.com)

2) Task – lights up a specific area of your room e.g. A study area, cooking area etc. Always brighter than your ambient lighting and used to enhance clarity. A desk lamp is a common task lighting option.It’s used in kitchens, study rooms etc

unfurnished modern kitchen
Task Lighting in a Kitchen ( http://www.rentfluff.com)

3) Accent – creates a shadow around a particular object while at the same time highlighting it e.g. A work of art, a book case, a sculpture etc.
It’s meant to work without being seen i.e. should never be the focal point.

Accent Lighting( http://www.lushome.com)

To properly light a room you have to consider it use then start to layer it. You start with general rooms which need ambient to more specific rooms e.g. study room that need task lighting, Walls that have art work need accent lighting etc.

Hope you have learned the various lighting there is and can now accordingly light your spaces.

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