Interviews: Deco By Rammzy_

Hello Lovelies,

I’m sure by now you have officially started your Easter weekend and want nothing boring so worry no more. I had a great time interviewing an interior design enthusiast/ artist and hope you enjoy it.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. Who is Rama?

Rama is an award winning Digital Marketing Consultant during the day, a painter at night and on weekends I design furniture and do crafts.

  1. You’re a great DIYer. What makes you want to make your furniture and where do you get your inspiration?

My inspiration comes from the need to create something I can use on a daily basis and make it beautiful, I want to make furniture because the living space to me is everything. Furniture to me isn’t just something that occupies space, it has to create space for something else to occupy as well.





3. Most people think that when we talk about interior design we’re only focusing on making living/ working spaces pretty. What would you say about design in relation to day to day activities?

In my opinion a great design should not only be aesthetically pleasing to the eye but also have a lot of (multi)functionality. It should be able to fit well in your space while still remaining beautiful and useful. It should be able to say something about who you are without you saying it. Great furniture and deco is the best conversation starter when you welcome someone to your house. That’s the reason I name my collection “Karibu”.

Karibu by Ramzzy I designed the TV stand and handmade the flower vases. If you told me last year that in 2016 I would be handcrafting my own deco and doing liveable art I'd have laughed in front of your face and walked away after realising I'm standing in front of a mirror. 😂 Anyway, I'm living with it to explore the functionality, i also love the color. So far so good, the horizontal lines and spaces, the crates bring so much character cause now I can stack DVDS, games and books, the gaps at the back are my favorite bit. I can connect all my electronics from anywhere. Ooh, I can take it apart very easily too… just in case I have visitors who need to chill outside on stools #ModernHouse #Interiors #Deco #KaribuByRamzzy #modernfurniture #Speed

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4. Color is one integral component of design. Let us know your thoughts on color especially in painting as you’re a painter too

Each color has a specific meaning and aura it brings to a room. How you combine your colors matters a lot. I try to keep my living room paintings lively, a lot earth tones for the bathroom and for the bedroom a lot of cool and calming colors. Paintings add a lot of mood and character to a room, most people are yet to understand that and the onus is on us as artists to teach people but all is not lost, more and more people are starting to realize this. We do have a lot pretty pieces of art you can buy even in the supermarket at a cheap and that’s OK too however, if you can always buy hand-painted and signed art. It never depreciates in value as any good painting is an investment. Currently there is a rising interest for African art so this is the time to buy, just to take care of it.

I make stuff on weekends too. ☺ #DIY #Crafts

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5. Do you think interior design is being serious in our country and what would help people to take it more seriously?

Ironically most Kenyans have a very casual approach to interior design and they end up with a lot of nice things but no distinctive look or theme. I think interior design currently is only used by corporates and individuals higher up the tax bracket. It should be something everyone who can afford embraces.

6. Your favorite interior design concept/ trend

My furniture at moment leans more towards the modern and rustic look which is OK for the city and my current situation (living in a rental) but I love Swahili/Arab interior design and architecture as well Islamic Geometrical art. The latter is only now getting the recognition it deserves. Maybe I’ll switch to that when I finally buy a holiday home with my Habibti.

 7. Last words of design. (great design tip, quote)

“Good design is making something intelligible and memorable. Great design is making something memorable and meaningful” – Dieter Rams.


Happy Easter 🙂

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