Your First Apartment

Hello Lovelies 🙂

I hope you’re loving the April weather as I am because the sun was being such a buzz kill.

So let’s talk about first apartments.

At some point we have all thought about moving out of home to our first apartment  but don’t know where to start and detest the thought of having to live like a pig and we need some help on decor for our first apartment without breaking a bank.

So worry no more, I listed down some key pointers on getting your first apartment looking great and still staying in your budget.

1). A great bed.

Here’s why. You spend 6-8 hours on your bed rejuvenating your body so you really need to invest in a great mattress and  linens; duvets and pillows included that will have you well rested in the morning and  ready to take the world by storm.


2). Paint.

Most landlords will not let you paint the walls and sometimes you end up having the most drab looking walls but if you can convince them to let you paint then that’s a major win! Pick the most suitable colors to go with your furniture and see your new home turn from an ordinary room to a work of art. If you can’t paint then try wall papers.



3) Curtains

Getting  great curtains depends on what exactly you want to achieve. Some fabrics keep out the light while others keep off the cold e.g. suede or velvet. Also some colors fade away after a lot of exposure to sunlight therefore no need to have bright colors for these rooms. Curtains add flair and structure in a room. So get yourself fantastic curtains.


4). Wall Art

If you can’t paint your walls the easiest alternative would be to have wall art. You don’t need to buy any actually you can just print out your most memorable pictures, frame them and arrange into a beautiful wall collage.


5). Multi functional furniture

Furniture that does 2 in 1 or 3 in 1 is a dream because you get to save on space while having great furniture. Examples are Ottomans that can be used to store books inside, as a table to place food on or as a foot stool, Sofa seat/bed used as a seat during day and as bed at night.


I hope I have helped you with some first apartment tips and please share some yours on the comment section.

Have a great week and please Subscribe 🙂

Frankie & Bren


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  1. clement says:

    Good ideas. Got any more?


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