Do’s & Don’t Of Mirrors in Interior Design

The mirror has come a long way from being a trusted companion in grooming matters. With different shapes and sizes the mirror is now a trusted interior design tool.

Below are some tips.

                                                  Do’s and Dont’s


1) Do use a mirror to enlarge a small room. The bigger the mirror the better  suited it is for the job. Also don’t use small mirrors in big rooms/ wall spaces and vice versa



2) Do make a mirror a focal point of your room to maximize its use. Either hang it above the sofa, or the fire place or the hallway.


3) Don’t put a mirror in every room. A kitchen is one of the spaces that does not need a mirror. This is because it’s distracting. Ceilings are also some of the spaces we no longer put mirrors on. It’s a trendy that is dead.

4) A mirror should have a great view to reflect or light to bounce. It’s no use if the mirror is reflecting an empty space or clutter in your room.


5) Hallways and staircases go well with mirrors and this is why. Most people like to take a look of how they look when passing hallways.


Here a few designs to get you through

Hallway Collage


Tiled Palettes of Mirrors


Hope you enjoy this and it has helped to  come up with mirror designs for your spaces.

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