Interview: Monica Kabiro, Creative Director Olmarei

Sometimes you come across someone who inspires you in your quest to become a great interior designer and that’s exactly what Monica Kabiro is.

Funny, easy going, inspirational and filled with interior decor tips that can see through any design pickle.

I caught up with her recently and this is what she had to say.

 Who is Monica Kabiro?

Truth and excellence seeker, passion driven, beauty and art inspired human.

2. How did you come about interior design and what does it mean to you?

Interior design came to me rather by accident. I wanted to pursue fashion design but a mix up in my applications landed me here and I fell in love with it. I can’t complain. Interior design is all about the careful marriage of beauty, order and practicality. It means a deeper understanding of space, our relationship to it and the aesthetics achieved by a perfect blend of design elements to create personality and harmony.


3. Most people think that there is no market for interior design in Kenya hence why most are not venturing into it. Could you give your thoughts?

There is definitely a market for design in Kenya. Like any other creative profession, it’s just a matter of awareness. Since there is a current boom in the construction industry, there is plenty of opportunities that needs to be filled by creative and skilled designers. It’s important to be professional as we create practical and aesthetically pleasing spaces that define the personalities of the users.

Residential 3D Images by Monica
4) Five things you consider when you begin to design a space?
    a) The intended function of the space.
    b) The users of the space, their number and lifestyle.
    c) Convenience and Safety.
    d) The structure and form of the space.
    e) Lighting and ventilation.

5) Any favorite projects on all you’ve worked on?

 Every project is unique to me and offers a different sense of adventure and excitement so it’s hard to cherry pick from the lot.
Linear Kitchens (48)
Linear Showroom, Westlands
Linear Kitchens (115)
Linear Showroom, Westlands
2Q9A0353 (1)
Jalada Business Center, Ngong Rd
6. Last words of design?
 A working and practical layout/floor plan has the same function as makeup foundation. It’s the building block upon which all else follows. There is nothing sadder than a beautiful space that is impractical or awkward.
Favorite color to design? I don’t have any favorites as colors are influenced by a lot of factors. I like to have a different experience every time so I experiment with a lot.
Favorite design theme?  I am a minimalist so modern design greatly appeals to my senses.


Hope you enjoyed the read.

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