Minimalist Interior Design

Every now and then  interior designers throw around words like Minimalism,  Contemporary, Classic and Modern among others and you may know they’re interior designs but you  may also wonder  exactly what they entail.

So what exactly is  Minimalism Design?

Minimalist Design
Simple, spacious and uncluttered are some of the words used to describe minimalist interior design style. Minimalist design means spacious rooms with minimum furniture/ accessories. It is a space that is serene and uncluttered.


White is the main color preferred for this style and forms the base for the furniture, walls and floors. Neutral colors such as beige and grey are also suitable for this style of design and bold colors used sparingly in form of accessories.
The minimalist style is light and carefree. It combines simplicity, sophistication and practicality.
Minimalist style is great for you because Simplicity and Symmetry make your brain calmer. Our brains and symmetry are in love. There have been research studies done to find out how the brain reacts to symmetry and it’s a positive reaction.


1) Give furniture / accessories plenty of space. A piece of furniture should have enough space around it not to be full to be considered giving a claustrophobic feel.

Space Around Furniture

2) Choose a single stand out piece and let it stand out. Let the piece own the room while still being laid back.


3) One color, different tones. Adding many colors is the surest way to lose focus on your minimalist space. The easiest way to have more while staying true to the minimalist design is to have the same color but in different shades/ tones.

One Color, different tones

4) Texture. To make your pieces i.e ornaments and furniture interesting is to add texture for example clay, porcelain, wool, linens etc. This brings a new twist to the room.

black white
Different Textures

5) Quality over quantity. With this design we must be careful to choose pieces that are not only unique but also of high quality.

So i hope you have a clue on what Minimalist Design is all about and you can try it out.

Have a great weekend.

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Love & Light,

Frankie & Bren


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