My Favorite Room: Kaluhi, Kaluhi’s Kitchen

Everyone has a favorite room in their homes/ working spaces.

Why you’re enchanted to your favorite room can be the way the afternoon sun shines into the room, the morning light while having breakfast or even the quietness of the room that makes one feel like it’s a gate away.

So I invited Kaluhi of Kaluhi’s Kitchen to talk about her favorite room.

1)Once upon a time…

Once upon a time Kaluhi was in an office crunching numbers, allocating income and balancing accounts as any finance major graduate and now I am a food blogger, cook book author and still is a lover of life.
2)What’s your favorite room/ space and what makes it special?
My favorite room has to be my kitchen. It is a special room since unlike any others, this is the only room in the house where you get to bring joy to other people through the byproduct of that room. You cannot get that with any other room.
3) Did you have a vision of how it should be and work on it or did it come along with time?
I must say it came along with time. I like my kitchen with plenty of white and off-white tones which serve useful especially when blogging because of the light. I also like the clean feel white gives to a room and enjoy the zen feeling white rooms have.
Kaluhi’s Kitchen
4) Food and decor. Where do they meet?
We eat with our eyes first, so food had to look good. The decor of where you are serving your food plays a great deal into setting the mood of the dining experience. That is the link between food and decor. Great food without the appropriate decor is almost like applying perfume on a sweaty body. Good food and good decor must go hand in hand. For example: A romantic dining experience is not just about the food, but the decor too. A child’s birthday party is not just about the food, but the decor plays a big role too.
5) Any tips for great interiors on a budget?
Always work with the resources you have. Salvage vintage pieces from family who no longer use them. They make excellent statement pieces and are usually made of hard wood. You can take an old, worn-down sofa set and give it a face lift by having it refurbished. Select a cover with vibrant color and throw in some kitenge pillows for contrast. This cost is usually cheaper than purchasing brand new sofas but will give you those that are customized exactly according to your taste.
Presentation is Key
6) Parting shot?
Expensive doesn’t always mean good and cheap doesn’t always mean bad.When it comes to interiors, most times, less is more. When it comes to good food and decor, always have the right props to make the decor of your room set the perfect mood for the eating experience.
Hope you enjoyed the read 🙂
Frankie & Bren hopes the next time we have a meet up with Kaluhi it will be to create wonderful dishes with her in the kitchen.
Love & Light,
Frankie & Bren.
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