Review:Crown Paints Kenya Ltd Zero VOC Paints Launch

For a very long while people have had to contend with polluting paint fumes in the process of painting walls in their homes/ offices. Some of the side effects are dizziness, irritated throat, nausea, headaches and an impact on the ozone layer to say the least.

But Not anymore.
Last Friday, Crown Paints Kenya ltd launched their new line of paints named Zero VOC paints. The launch held at Serena hotel, Nairobi was colorful and reiterated Crown’s commitment to providing healthy, Eco-friendly coating solutions to its customers.
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) are pollutants found in paints that affect the environment and humans. Paint is pleasant to the eye but a nuisance to the nostrils as we all know and thus Crown saw the gap in the market and sought to fill it up.

Crown paint and Lorama Group Inc. launching products

The green and white theme made the room easy to look at and gave a certain warmth to all that walked through the door for this event. Speakers at the event,from CEO Rakesh  kept time sticking to the schedule while educating the crowd on what VOC paints really mean for us even on a day to day basis.

The crown paints were developed using special colorants sourced from Canadian company; Lorama Group inc. “It has taken us a while but we have been successful because we believe in social values and green values,” said Rakesh Rao, Crown paints group CEO. The partnership saw Crown and Lorama work together for 2years experimenting to find the right combination. Lorama Group Inc is a 100% Canadian owned company formed in 1980 that specializes in technologies for production of free VOC paints.

Crown Paint product

The paints have no effect on the environment since they’re are highly biodegradable and have no toxic emissions. They’re also odourless. And the best news is they’re at no extra cost. Crown also stated its commitment to the environment by pledging to plants trees with a certain percentage of its proceeds from the sale of ZERO VOC paints.

Crown Vinyl Matt (Zero VOC)

Crown paints Kenya ltd was founded in 1958 and is listed in the Nairobi stock exchange since 1992. With state of the art manufacturing facilities in Africa and one of the strongest distribution systems, It’s commitment to quality products and value based products has ensured its stay as the leader in the paints / coatings industry and will do so for many to come.

Ps: Band was an absolute joy to listen and dance to 🙂

Love & Light,

Frankie & Bren 🙂

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