How To Warm Your Home during Cold Weather

Hello Lovelies,

It’s pretty cold in Kenya with Nairobi being around 16 degrees and some areas lower than that. I got to admit the lengths some of us are going to keep warm are crazy so thought I’d share some tips on how to keep your house warm.

So what interior decor tips will make your house feel/ look warmer?

  1. Lighting. Most of the times the sun doesn’t come out to play so we can’t possibly rely on natural lighting. Invest in great lighting in the house with medium brightness not bright bulbs. Bright bulbs distract, medium lighting gives the room a warm feeling.

    Accent Lighting(
  2. Rugs and Curtains. Have thick rugs around the house, they are great for insulation. Thick curtains also help in retaining heat in the room.             curtains
  3. Color. Have warm hues of paint on your walls. They give the room a lively feel.
    Warm Hues of wall color and furniture (

    4.Furniture. How we arrange our furniture also plays a role in the warmth of our rooms. Sparsely arranged furniture lets heat escape. Well placed and closely arranged furniture without cramming everything all up will help in heat retention.

Stay warm and share your tips on keeping your spaces warm.

Love & Light,

Frankie & Bren 🙂


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