My Favorite Room ; Soni from SoniSideUp

When I’m not busy trying to perfect my interior design skills, having fun or trying to find my next destination I’m always looking at what my fellow bloggers are doing and one of my favorites is Soni. Soni is an encyclopedia on the Nairobi Restaurant scene and you’re bound to find the best places to enjoy great meals while having the best ambiance. Frankie & Bren caught up with her and this is what she had to say.

1) Who is Soni and what does she do?

Soni (
  • Soni has a food blog, Soni Side Up and is the editor at Yummy Magazine and the Events Manager at EatOut Kenya.

2) What’s your favorite room/space and why? 

  • My favorite room/space in the apartment is the living room. I love the view out of the window and lazing on the couch watching TV or reading a good book. It’s a comfortable space that’s on-par with my bedroom (because who doesn’t love getting into a warm comfortable bed after a long day?).   LR 2

3) Walk me through the process of how it came along? I.e. talk about the colors, the furniture and everything that makes it great for you. 

  • That’s a good question. I’m actually currently living in my dad’s apartment so we worked together along side an interior designer who helped bring the place together. We wanted something modern and sleek yet comfortable. We wanted simple monotone colors but also wanted some “pop” to it. I think we pretty much achieved what we were going for but couldn’t have done it without some help!

4) Any tips on how to decor a space with limited resources?

  • This is a tough question for me, I’ve never really had the opportunity to furnish my own apartment. I find that I want to be able to pack up and go if I ever want to move city, or leave the country… Not in a fugitive way, but in a way that allows me to take up any and all exciting opportunities if they come my way. I’d definitely recommend thrifting, there’s lots of great Facebook groups/pages that sell second hand stuff that’s really good quality. I’d also recommend the use of trusted fundis who can mimic designs/furniture that you find online.

5) You get to review many restaurants over time in your line of work. From all of them what are the best design spaces you’ve been and what made them great (design wise)

  • These are some really good questions! I guess some of the spaces I’ve really loved are The Talisman in Karen, really comfortable with warm colors and Swahili/Arabic inspired design. I also really like the set up of The Yard (where The Alchemist, Mama Rocks, etc are) it’s a concept that hasn’t been seen before in Nairobi. I also love Abysinnia, when it’s not cold out, it’s a great place to enjoy delicious Ethiopian in an outdoor space. I’m a big fan of balconies/gardens/patios/etc.
6) Parting shot?  
  • Follow me on Instagram @soni.side.up! 🙂

Hope you enjoyed the interview and please catch up with Soni on instagram or her blog SoniSideUp.


Love & Light,

Frankie & Bren


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