My Favourite Room: Sonal Maherali

If you’re a shoe lover you may have sometimes dreamt of building yourself an extensive walk in closet for your precious babies.
And if you wanted a kindred soul in the pursuit of shoe love then I’d suggest you get to know Sonal Maherali; an ardent shoe lover, luxury handbags lover and a mamma of four.
Frankie & Bren: Who is Sonal?
I am a mom of four from Nairobi and a fashion blogger at for luxury and all things shoes.
Sonal Maherali
F&B: What’s your favourite room and why?
My favourite room has to be my dressing room where i dress up and have a whole view of my collection of shoes.
Sonal’s Dressing Room
F&B: How did the interior come about? Did you do it yourself or did you have some help?
 The interior came about when i realized i had no space for my shoes.I have an unhealthy shoe obsession. I had always dreamt of the perfect closet so when we were building our home last year we made space to accommodate this. My husband actually designed it for me and i gave a little input of what i had wanted.
F&B: Any smart tips for anyone designing their homes?
When its comes to designing homes, keep in simple but sophisticated. You are going to live there and see the surroundings everyday so keep the colours neutral and fresh. If it makes you happy its ok. Make sure whatever you do is a reflection of your personality.
F&B: Last words of design?
Use your imagination.
There you go loves, Hope you picked a thing or two about dressing room and closets.
You can catch up with Sonal on IG @sonalmaherali
Love  & Light,
Frankie & Bren

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