Wall Stickers/ Wall Tattoos

Hello Lovelies,

It’s been a few quiet weeks from us and I know you’re wondering what went wrong. Well, we needed a break to figure out the path we’re taking and forge the way forward.

But we’re back ! So let’s get to it 🙂

Sometimes you want to change the appearance of your walls but you don’t really want to change it. So what do you do?

I have an answer for you.

Wall stickers/ Wall tattoos.

It’s flexible, doesn’t leave any damage on the wall when you want to remove it and it’s easy to install!

I had a chat with the wonderful people at Wallternative Kenya and this is what they had to say.

  1. What does Wallternative Kenya do? And how did you start?


             Sample Wall sticker by Wallternative Kenya
Wallternative Kenya is the newest kid on the block among Kenya’s wall decorators.
The company offers very extraordinary beautiful self adhesive wall sticker motifs from vinyl for wall decorations. They come in every seize, all desired colours and for any purpose.
Clients can choose from a portfolio of around 400 wall sticker motifs and daily more stickers are being added: Is it for your living room, dining room, bedrooms, the hallway, kitchen, the kids and teenager rooms, or even for bathrooms. Or is it for your hobbies, like sports, for business purposes, like for shops, salons, boutiques etc. or offices to fight the boredom of white walls.
Map Of Africa
2. How do you come up with the wall stickers/ tattoos
I was brought a wall sticker as a gift by a friend of mine from Europe,” Claire Njoki, Manager at Wallternative Kenya remembers. “That sticker was so nice, and I was so impressed, because I had never seen such. So I started doing research if such stickers were in the market in Kenya. They were not!”
Leopard Wall Sticker
So we decided to start this as a business, found graphic designers to create stickers for all kind of purposes, found a reliable printing company and now we are ready to go offer them to Kenyans.
At the moment Wallternative Kenya is looking for re-sellers to market the wall stickers online and offline. Who is interested should simply contact them.
3) How do you install the wall tattoos?
We print our self adhesive stickers on order only and deliver directly to the client (in Nairobi CBD free of charge). Stickers are even being shipped countrywide in safe, strong carton rolls by courier services. Delivery is latest 48 hours after order (weekdays).
The price is following the seize of the sticker. Payment is 50% upfront with the order by Mpesa, balance on delivery.
Clients can fix their wall sticker by themselves, but it needs a bit of patience and some experience to hang these wall stickers straight and without bubbles. Especially bigger seizes can be a bit tricky, but its not rocket science. We send a video tutorial for fixing process to support the client. Whoever prefers us to fix his wall sticker within Nairobi just adds a small fee of 500 KES per sticker and you don’t have to take care of anything.
4. What makes wall tattoos / wall stickers a great alternative?
Wall Stickers are not only nice and can be produced for any purpose, they are even very much affordable. We produce by the client’s budget. The price follows the seize of the sticker. That means even if you only have a small budget your wall does not have to remain white though. Then we simply could produce your desired motif a bit smaller. Prices start at only 1500 KES upwards. And where else would you get a painting or something equivalent nice to decorate your walls? At this rates wall stickers are even nice gifts among friends and family for birthday or Christmas.
5. Last words?
Wallternative Kenya is an online shop. There is not no physical shop. Stickers are being produced on order only. If clients don´t find anything in our portfolio they can even send their desired motif and will get a quote for a certain seize in only 24 hours.
The whole portfolio can be found here: Www.smartface.tv/wallternativekenya.
And last but not least another cool thing: Wallternative Kenya wall-stickers can easily be removed from the wall later without damaging the wall or the paint. This is a great advantage for any tenant of rented apartments.
The wall stickers by the way are just the first product out of a planned wide variety for wall decorations. The Wallternative team soon will offer even wall decorations from timber, metal and steal as well as paintings from young ambitious Kenyan artists at very much affordable prices. So watch this space!
There you have it guys, Get yourself a wall sticker and kick out the boring walls.
Catch Wallternative Kenya on instagram @wallternative_kenya or on wallternativekenya@gmail.com.
Love & Light,
Frankie & Bren 🙂

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  1. Agatha Naini says:

    Hi your art work is so nice n inspiring. I’d love to do marketing for you as a part time job since am really interested in interior design. I live in Narok which can be a good market adventure for you. Nice work. Waiting for your reply in my mailbox. Thanks in advance.


    1. Frankie&Bren says:

      Hey.Thanks for the follow Agatha 🙂 Will get back to you


  2. Rosemary says:

    Interesting..out of this world..I love it..


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