My Favorite Room: Franklin Saiyalel

Great work spaces have been known to have an effect on us, the better the ambiance the better your mood when working. You are less stressed, inspired and comfortable to produce the best work you can.

And that’s exactly what Franklin Saiyalel’s – popularly known as Kenyan Stylista – work space is

1)Share the journey on who Franklin Saiyalel is

Franklin Saiyalel is a male fashion savant. I run the blog Kenyan stylista(


I used to see people wear amazing clothes and with time I got into doing it myself. I’d attend events and get to interact with different people and get different insights so I decided why not blog about events, fashion and travel hence the blog.

2)What’s your favorite room and why?


My favorite room is my office because i spend a lot of time there working and so I had to make it as amazing as possible. Great work space helps you work better

3)What was the process of it coming along? Did you do it yourself or did you have some help?

I spent time buying items here and there because I already had an idea of what style – English/Victorian era – I wanted then hired two people to help with doing everything. It took us about 4 months or so.


4)Tips for an upcoming blogger as you’re the best in male fashion category.

Be consistent. There are days you won’t feel like doing it but you have to instill in yourself a regimen of sorts and stick to it.

Find something you love. That will help a lot.

Network. You need different insights/ perspectives in order to grow.

5)Interior design is perceived to be expensive by most people. If it’s not they think it’s not good enough. Tell us your go to interior design tips that are pocket friendly.


Spending big money should never be at the top of your head when doing decor of any space. You just have to have an eye for design and style. Then hit markets all around and you could get very good bargains and save yourself a boat load of cash.

6) Last words?

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