TwoxFour : The Moja Pod

Hello Loves,
New week and new things to create so let’s get into it. 🙂
What would you do if you wanted a great working space  be it an office, studio or a home away from home and you had land to build it on but limited cash?
Or maybe you want to move away from a stone structure but have something chic, affordable that suits you?
Well, you go for the Moja Pod.
Frankie & Bren caught up with the wonderful people at TwoxFour and they shared with us the wonderful story behind the Moja Pod
The Moja Pod
1) How did two x four begin?
Two by four is a local interior architecture company based in Nairobi. We are a design-built firm that specialized in the design and construction of small structures, commercial furniture and cabinetry. Twoxfour was begun by principals Jeremy Moses  & Kwekwe Kivutha 5 years ago after moving to Kenya from Canada.
Jeremy and KweKwe

2) The Moja Pod. Briefly tell us how about it and how you came about it?

The Moja Pod is a mobile prefab structure for living and commerce. It can be your modest home, home extension, studio, office or a retail store to name a few. It comes in two models and sizes. There is the fundamentals and the premium model. These both come in 20ft and 40 ft. They are different options you can choose to allow the pod to respond to your needs. This varies from furniture, appliances, outdoor covered deck extensions to off grid energy and waste management options.
Bathroom and Toilet Area
The moja pod was first perceived as a shaggz pad. We wanted to built a place to relax and rest when we visited our Ushago but did not want the hassle of coordinating fundi’s remotely, escalating prices as well as the inconsistencies of built quality. We wanted to incrementally build and add to the home as our needs changed. It was also important to have a mobile structure we could move to a different site if need be and we wanted the build to be accelerated, AKA instant gratification. The Moja pod is the brainchild of all this. We were able to build the premium version the 20 ft container  in 15 days while maintaining the premium built quality.
3) What materials are you using on the Moja Pod and what influences it?
 We choose materials that are readily available in the Kenyan market, easy to clean and maintain, and that were pleasing to the eye. We are are very minimal in our approach to design. Our design sensibility is minimal, streamlined and quite simple. We are very calculated about every single object we introduced to the built space. We eliminate as much visual clutter as is possible so our clients can relax in the spaces we create. We always provide a neutral calm palette so our clients easily personalize these spaces with spaces of colour through, art, accessories and textiles.
Sitting Area

4) You’re into furniture design too. Tips on  what makes a piece of furniture great in terms of design and usability

We are furniture and cabinetry designers and makers. Its all about function, form and simplicity. That’s what guide our everyday design choices; be it a pillow or an apartment block.
5) Long term plan for two x four?
we would like to create beautiful, meaningful, relevant, affordable everyday objects for the masses. That’s the end game.
6) Last words of design?
“Less is more”.
Frankie & Bren : Hope you enjoyed it.
Love & Light

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