Taking stock One

Hey Loves,

Happy Friday! I hope you guys are having an amazing time as December starts.

And since the year is coming to an end I thought we could do a taking stock of sorts.


Most of you know the blog is called Frankie & Bren and you don’t know why…

Well, here’s why..

Frankie is Frankie Foster from the cartoon Foster’s Home for imaginary friends.


My bestie gave me that nickname after a while. Frankie is always running up and down and at a particular point in life i was the same; running up and down and not sitting still.

Frankie Foster

Bren is short for Brenda aka me!

So Frankie & Bren is a sort of yin or yang or better yet an alter ego and the real deal.

I’m listening to … Just like fire by Pink. I’ve been a Pink fan from her days of God is a DJ . She’s a great musician who’s never afraid to break any rules standing in her way.


Also listening to Navy Kenzo, Sara Bareilles, SchoolBoy Q, Andra Day and some other cool music as we wait for Childish Gambino to drop the new album!!

I’m waiting for…. Christmas. Christmas is pretty chilled out in my family. We wake up for breakfast at 10am about then shower and chill out waiting to go to a family lunch with my cousins later in the afternoon like 3pm. I love that we never really have plan, it’s what we come up with after we are done with lunch that goes plus I get to see my family all together

I’m hoping …. the new year brings new opportunities to produce more content for you guys. It’s been a journey and a half for the last 18 months or so. I started this blog last year when I was in my fourth year of Uni and I didn’t even think I’d be doing what I do now.

All i knew was that I loved great decor; good to look at spaces and how to make them look like that and I talked about it A LOT! Until one of my friends suggested I should start writing about it.

And here I am. So I hope I get to travel to great places and take you guys with me via the blog

Also hoping to write more creatively. Started writing when i was 16 and got published a few times in magazines before i stopped. Sometimes even when you have a gift you still doubt it. Been writing a lot more lately so I hope 2017 is the year I go back to being published for creative writing.


Drinking… lots of lemon tea. I pretty much live on it. The weather lately hasn’t been nice and I find myself reaching for anything hot to drink but mostly on lemon tea. I’m not big on milk so this works just fine for me.

Wearing.. pajamas. Yes, me and my friends have this thing where when we’re home and not leaving we call it Pajama day. Also pajamas are super comfy.

Loving…. the amazing accounts i follow on instagram for inspiration like @lezoemusings @yaydecor @highfashionhome just to name a few.

If you’ve never fallen in love with decor try some of these accounts and thank me later.

Watching… an array of shows like Designated Survivor, limitless, Blacklist, Pitch ( this by the way is Sooo Goood! It’s about the first woman in the Major League Baseball and her journey)


But mostly I watch Action and conspiracies. A good story line gets me.

Praying for… Good health for everyone around. 2016 has been rough, we all know people who have died or lost their loved ones. You never know how important good health is until you don’t have it.

Loving.. My cousin A, she’s literally one smart missy for her age. I learn loads from her every time i’m with her.

About to… log off!

I hope you guys have a great weekend filled with love and happiness.

Love & Light,























































































































go to more amazing places and take you guys with me via the blog.







































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