Julita Bhagat: My Top 5 Public Spaces

Hey Loves,
How are you?
I know we haven’t spoken from last year but I hope all is well.
I hope you enjoyed the holidays and are ready for something great.
Today Julita Bhagat who is amazing and creative with interior design is going to to let us know her five top public spaces. I hope you enjoy.
Take it away Julie….
Julita Bhagat
Tribe Hotel
The tribe hotel is what I would call classy Afrikan. Warm cozy colours almost everywhere that are the richest of earth tones. Browns,Reds and Oranges.
The decor and play with light(especially the sculptures) give off a majestic air. These reasons put it on my top 5 list.
Tribe Hotel (www.thecultureist.com)
4.GREEN SHOE STRING (closed down)
Green Shoestring
Someone once described the space as visual noise. It was full of vibrant colours,shapes and patterns with the use of local fabric lesso on pretty much all the indoor seats.  It is on my list because one, I designed it 😝, two and most importantly, it reminds me of a traditional wedding. Often, it is at Afrikan weddings that the women adorn colour in its full glory. Lesso,Kitenge,or even western fabrics. The theme is always color. The green shoe string accentuated the bright colours with sisal wrapped vases,coffee beans in clear glass vases and large indoor plants. The bar wall made of brick was left natural and almost every side had a large glass window,letting the outside in. The walls were either olive green or earth brown and well,that is my interior space weakness,earthy exuberance.
Kengeles Lavington
 Simple is so much more and this could not have been proved any better than my number 3. Kengeles Lavington got a revamp that is just so marvelous. Today’s minimalist trend has picked up quite a few twists to it and at Kengeles it has been perfectly matched to rustic feel with upcycling. Without having to change much and by thinking sustainability, the designer used strong industrial features like the lamps and open piping against the reclaimed wood paneling give a soft yet lively atmosphere to the outdoor space.
It is literally a bus. what is not to like! This space is quirky and fun and sunny and achieved only through attention to detail. The bus being smack in the middle of open grass space with its own little ‘landing’ spot is just divine. As if you can be anymore closer to camping without camping, it has more plants inside.
The interior decor is modern with eccentric pieces. Ethiopian crosses,embroidered pillow cushions,shells,feathers, flowers…lots of flowers. It is accompanied by a cozy sunflower filled patio. This space could easily be the inspiration for my future home.
Maljis Resort Lamu (www.maljisresorts.com)
 Being by the seaside, the common feature is the effortless, airy feel. Whites and off whites bouncing off the holiday jittery nice feeling of having beach sand beneath your feet is the introduction as you walk in.
There are  couple of trees with glass balls mirroring the sea that give away the fact that what you are about to experience is nothing short of magical.The Majlis resort has so many differently and amazingly styled nooks and rooms.The combination of materials used range from hand carved wood, naked brick,bronze,silvers and even skeleton.With a lot of the decor and pieces being customized ,everything goes perfectly together like honey and milk. A couple of  particularly favorite elements to me are the maasai bead chairs and that the whole resort runs on off grid power.

Julita Bhaghat’s Bio :

As I’m doing this I’m also thinking how cool it would be if some of us humans were animorphs.  
Other than that, I studied interior design and interior architecture which I practiced for some years. During this period I found a gap in the Furniture industry and began learning along the way with my company,98 crafted,which is soon relaunching. This learning process will go on for my eternity as I have found my design passion and it ties in wonderfully with my interests. One of  these interests being photography which I am growing in with an organization I work with called Photo Start.We teach photography and life skills to children in informal settlements/marginalized areas. 
That in a few words😳🤓
F&B:There you have it loves, hope you enjoy it.
Love & Light 🙂

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