My Favourite Room : Manon Naramatisho

Hello Loves,
How’s the Monday going? Hope well, if not then I hope this cheers you up.
When I saw Manon’s story wall I knew there was a story there… at least a story in the making and she proved me right. Not only did the wall have a story to tell; it had history.
So here we go………
1)Who is Manon?
Manon Naramatisho
I’m an Indonesian Dutch wandering soul and a blessed mama to a Kenyan boy. I work as a freelance journalist and director for women magazines and run my own blog. Moreover I’m a life coach & energetic healer, and the creator of Naramatisho, a handicraft label that represents handmade goods from Kenya.
2)What’s your favorite room?
My favorite room depends on my mood and whether I’m home alone or not. I like it that each room has it own uniqueness but still has a matching style with the rest of the house. However our living space with the ever-evolving story wall is definitely one of the spaces I love spending time. The wall reflects our personal story as a family and is filled with beautiful memories and mostly African and Indonesian handcrafts.
The Story Wall Room
3)Your love for interior design… where does it come from?
Just like writing, my love for decorating started in my childhood. From a young age I started to change and ‘style’ things around the house all the time. I seemed to have a lot of imagination and I enjoyed creating these little ‘stories’ through decorating. It has always been a creative outlet to me.

Green Plants making a room livelier 
4)Any tips you’d like to share with first time home owners?
When it comes to decorating, focus on what is really important to you and what makes you feel good. Instead of decorating to impress, act from within. And don’t be afraid to start slow. Decorating is an ongoing process; it takes time and will never be completely finished. You grow and change and your style will grow and change with you. If you’re on a budget invest in one thing that makes you smile every time you see it. It doesn’t have to be expensive or huge, it just has to be meaningful. This is what makes your house a home.
5)Last words?
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Thanks everyone for reading this. And thank you, dear Brenda, for having me and for your inspiration. I love your blog! Love, Manon
F&B: Well, i hope you picked up some incredible and useful tips to help you in your decorating journey.
Love & Light 🙂

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