Review : Nyama Mama, Delta Branch

Color, Authenticity and Creativity are the words that popped into my mind when I walked into the Delta branch of Nyama Mama restaurant at Delta Towers Westlands.

The brown hues with hints of black here and there combined with red and the golden lamps illuminating brightly across the space will make you feel like moving in. And if it doesn’t look around and you’ll see the Kitenge fabric that will have you feeling right at home thinking of your grandma.

So I talked to PK, Operations Director of Nyama Mama and this is what he had to say..

1) Nyama Mama is?

A fun, modern day African roadside diner. Curating locally inspired dishes with an eclectic twist.


Nyama Mama Reception
Reception Area


2) What was the inspiration behind the decor of the Delta branch of Nyama Mama?

Nyama Mama is all about celebrating the African culture, tastes and way of life. The décor is inspired by Mama’s travels across Africa pulling vibrant colours, African fabrics and nostalgic adornments. Mama wanted you to feel like you are right at home or at your grandma’s place.

Fabrics haven… leather and Kitenge

From splashes of Kitenge fabric, old school leather couches to series of artworks about the streets of Kenya, Mama’s vision was to create a space that brings out Kenya’s vivacious urban culture and not forgetting our roots. Throughout the space you get a glimpse into Mama’s kitchen as well, from packets of Unga, cooking fat and pots and pans adorning the shelves.



The overall idea behind the restaurant’s design was in line with the concept of the food, to create a locally inspired destination with a modern twist. And if you have visited the space, this has been achieved quite successfully.



3) Who was the interior designer of space?


The bar

To bring Mama’s vision to life, she reached out to acclaimed international and local designers who worked with local craftsmen to put the pieces together. The tables, lamps, chairs and décor has all been locally sourced. Supporting local talent has always been at the core of Mama’s ethos.



Mama aims to inspire, engage and develop the African generation to help build Kenya’s innovative hospitality culture.



4) How long did it take to finish up the process?

 Nyama Mama has been an idea in the making for 2 years. The Delta branch in particular took 8 months to come to life.


5) Any advice for readers trying to start a business and wishing to create a calm and enticing decor?


Kitenge Pillows

You must have a clear vision of what your product will be and who your target market is. The hospitality industry is all about giving the consumer a unique experience that they cannot get anywhere else. You can’t please everyone but you do want them to feel comfortable and leave in awe of your food, service and ambience.


6) Anything people probably don’t know about Nyama Mama?

Mama spent 2 years experimenting the Kenyan local ingredients to match the international standards, which can be seen with her twist and flavors in Nyama Mama Food and Cocktails.


She did indulge with local community to get the best of local produce  with her passion in food and cocktails.

7) Last words?

Nyama Mama has always been passionate and is a key driver of youth employment.  We aim to create an opportunity for the youth and give them direction as our 2020 vision.


Nyama Mama Wall 2 (1)
It Ain’t Complete without a Story Wall!

Mama welcomes you to her humble abode. Relax, feel at home and indulge in her special dishes and cocktails.


There you have it loves, I hope you loved the review enough to go there and experience the ambiance or better yet sample their diverse and exquisite menu. 

Got to go…. trying to figure out if I can convince PK to let me move in here for a day… or two… 


Love & Light,





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  1. @Abuga says:

    I’m taken. Sounds like the perfect place for a date.


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