Tread and Sisal: Kenyan Ottoman

Hey Loves,
Hope you’re having a wonderful week….
And I’m here to brighten it up more.
I love ottomans! They’re multi purpose; from being a footstool, coffee table or even extra storage space you can’t go wrong with an ottoman. So I found the lovely people at Tread and Sisal who bring a lovely twist to the ottoman so let’s get right into it.
tread and sisal logo
1) What is Tread and Sisal?
 Tread and Sisal was born after spotting a gap in the market, of creative interior pieces made in Kenya and the need for growth in this Kenyan lifestyle sector for high quality hand made, as well an awareness of waste from automobile industry in the form of car tyres, the environmental damage it causes and the added bonus of Kenya being one of the top 5 producers of Sisal in the world.
Treads and SisaL 1
Elizabeth Hutchinson- CEO Tread and Sisal
2)The Kenyan Ottoman. tell us more….
Tread and Sisal employs Kenyan mothers to work from home, allowing them to earn a wage while looking after their children. This is a win for all the family so the young children are still looked after by their mothers and at the same time the women are contributing to running their households. They are very passionate, hard working, happy and enjoy working together to create something that benefits their family.
While Tread and Sisal has only been operating for 6 months, we see a big future in providing eco-conscious furniture that is unique to the market, beautifully made in Kenya by Kenyans. At the same time reducing waste, strengthening our agriculture industry and supporting the family.
Tread and Sisal 11
We market The Kenyan Ottoman to hotels, lodges, offices and residential properties and there has been a high interest and delight for our pieces.
3) Your 5 year plan?
Our 5 year plan is to be the leaders is eco-conscious high quality handmade furniture in East Africa.
Tread and Sisal 8
4)Where can you be found?
Currently the workshop is at my home where We finish assembling. We do not stock but make to order. Working one on one with the customer, to create ottomans that are bespoke and unique to their preference. We can also be found on :

Instagram: @treadandsisal
Tel: 0722960555
5) Your interior design go to tips?
  •     Use sustainable materials.
  •     Invest in pieces that mean something to you;  either art or unique furniture pieces.
  •      Focus on balancing color and neutrals with textures.
  •     Choose to be a collector of something that you love, for me it is beautiful visual books.
  •     Bring outdoor living indoors.
  •     Make comfort a key priority.

There you have it loves, a Kenyan twist to the ottoman; beautiful and inspiring.

Love & Light,

Frankie & Bren 🙂


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