DusitD2 Nairobi: The Pod

Hello Loves,

I hope you’re well. This week I got to review DusitD2 Nairobi  which is a boutique hotel on 14th Riverside drive, Nairobi that boasts of well known brands like Soko, Soi, Zing Lounge and Bar, The Rouge Deck among others.

And today I thought i’d share The Pod with you…..


The Pod is an exclusive hangout section of the hotel that offers privacy as it is well hidden from the rest of the hotel.


The colors of the Pod had me feeling some type of way because they blended so well. Colors ranged from the pops of yellows on the wing-back chairs, to subtle black and whites on the pillows, and the grays and navy blues on the carpets.  And white as the overall color throughout the room.


It’s suitable for quiet time reading a book, working on emails as there is WiFi and a workstation together with a printer.

All The King’s horses and all the king’s men……

The Pod also is suitable for hotel guests to have a private chat with a guest if they do not wish to take him/her up to the room.

Reading Corner….

I found it to be an exquisite space with simple but effective decor. I thought it would be better if it was a large enough space than it is but all in all it serves it’s purpose and is delightful.


                                               Photos by Dean Gichukie

If you’ve been to The Pod, let me know your thoughts on it and also on DusitD2.

I hope you enjoyed it….

See you end of the week.

Love & Hugs


Frankie & Bren


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