D’Studios: DusitD2 Nairobi

Hello Loves,

Hope Friday morning is going well for you.

I thought I’d give you the second installment of DusitD2 and that’s D’Studios.


The D’Studios is a well decored space from the grays and blues on the chairs and colorful throw pillows in orange, blues and grays to blacks, whites and biege on the rugs.

White walls and curtains

The white walls even out the room’s look with flowy white curtains to go around.

PHOTO_20170617_114433 (1)
Colorful art on white background

The is art on the walls with lights strategically placed above every piece and we all know you can never go wrong with colorful art on a white background to even it out.

Glass tables


Front feet of furniture on the Rug

Remember when we talked about how to get your room popping with rugs? Rugs

Well, notice how they used the All Front Feet on the Rug rule above?

Outside extension

They have the outdoor extension which guests can eat outside and this space is so great because there are plants and the glass so you feel like you are outside already.

All of the lights….

I loved the space because its warm and cozy and also formal. It’s also adjacent to the conference facilities making it suitable for hours when the groups using the facilities want to have a break and chit chat.

Conference Room

Pictures by Dean Gichukie



I really enjoyed the D’Studios because of the glass doors all around… there was plenty of light to go around. The greenery outside was also fantastic for nature lovers.

The colors blended and it is a great space that inspires creativity and just gets you exited about a lot.

All in all, D’Studios gets 5 stars from me.

If you have been to the D’Studios let me know what you think; did you like it?


Have a great weekend,

Love & Light


Frankie & Bren




One Comment Add yours

  1. wanjoro says:

    I have been there once and loved it. The staff there were so friendly and accommodating, we even got a tour of the rooms and the restaurants. Beautiful everywhere.


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