Interview: Design For Living Kenya

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I came across Design For Living Kenya on Instagram and since I started following them I have nothing but good things to say so I thought I’d reach out to Rupal Rach; Managing Director of DFL Kenya and chat about all things design.


F&B:  Design For Living Kenya is synonymous with rich fabrics and colorful and unique wall-covers….what was the idea behind it?

Reception Area
RR: I am a textile designer by profession, hence fabrics and anything interior related came hand in hand. I set up DFL as a way for everyone to have access to beautiful fabrics and wallpapers that were otherwise only limited to Europe and the U.S. We handpick our collections every January of every year that represent current World trends, as well as new products in the market.
My dream was always to have a place that clients could visit and be inspired from.A place where they could get everything they needed, in one seamless visit. Our product line includes; wallpaper, fabrics, carpets, furniture, sheers & curtains, and roman blinds
F&B: You(DFL Kenya) have your own line of furniture and rugs…tell us more about it?
RR: Our furniture pieces are bespoke and made to measure. They range between being exceptional art pieces to basic functional pieces that a client may need in order to complete their space or make their space more practical.
Our rugs are also made to measure, and can be used either in commercial or residential spaces.
DFL Kenya office / work space
F&B: Misconceptions people have about the industry?
RR: Although there is a big change in the way people view and buy interior items from local suppliers, the common misconception is quality. Most people believe that if you want something done for your home or commercial space, it is better sourced from abroad.
Whereas we believe that the industry has improved, and be it furniture, joinery, or even installing wallpaper – the best can also be found here.
Reception Area
F&B: Decor on a budget? What are your thoughts/ Ideas?
– Research! Use websites such as that can help with easy DIY ideas.
– Good lighting – does not necessarily have to be expensive, but you can layer lighting using lamps, and overhead lighting to achieve a soothing feel.
– Personal touches – make things (DIY), spruce old things up using a coat of paint or wallpaper, or even reupholster a piece of furniture.
Great lighting 
F&B: Design For Living Kenya has been in operation for 7 years …what are you proud of accomplishing and what do you expect to do in the coming years?
RR: We’re proud of all the projects we work on, however the ones that stand out to us are definitely the hotels and offices; Dusit D2, Radisson Blu Upperhill, Google Kenya,, and Park Inn. We managed to revolutionize how Kenyans look at wallpaper – we came into the market 7 years ago when no one supplied, let alone installed wallpaper in the correct way. We brought in more modernized wallpaper that was being used Worldwide – that showed no joints  wasn’t paper, and best of all; could be cleaned!
In the coming years – be in every home, and every commercial space in East Africa! 🙂

Pics by Dean Gichukie

F&B: Parting shot?
RR: We’ve only just begun 😉
F&B: There you have it… Please follow DFL Kenya on instagram on @dfl_kenya or or find them at Sarit Centre, 3rd floor.
Love & Light,
Frankie & Bren

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